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About the photographer

I've been a Photographer professionally since 2003! I have had this passion in me since then and never looked back! I love capturing real honest moments with my camera, it gives me so much joy to see true emotion and life through the lens of my camera! I love photographing Weddings, Births and Homecomings in particular because they are a few of life's emotional, special and memorable times of ones life and should be photographed so you can look back on these treasured memories and relive it as real and in the moment as possible!

When I am photographing an event, think of me more as a fly on the wall, I do not try to interrupt the flow of the day, I do very limited posing and directing and this is to really capture the day as true and real as possible as it unfolded. If you are doing a family portrait session with me or another type of portrait session, I will surely give guidance and direction for our shoot but still try to capture you and your personality as true as possible to who you really are! Trust me coming from a mom, when we look at these photographs later, we want it to spark a memory or feeling, and not see the fake smiles that sometimes we give when uncomfortable. This is why it is my goal to make you as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

I would love to discuss your photography needs with you please contact me and let's begin planning your event or session!

...I love love, I love capturing moments!